The Great American Eclipse

You may have heard about this thing that happened today… we had an eclipse! We weren’t in the “Path of Totality” (am I the only one that hears Dr. Evil’s voice saying “Path of ToTALity!”, just me? Ok, never mind then 🙂 ) but we were really close. I mean, really close. We were like 5 miles from the 100% total eclipse. Yeah, it would’ve been really easy to drive and see it but there were several hundreds of thousands of people that did the same thing. So we stayed home and enjoyed our 99.8% eclipse. 🙂

It was pretty cool, we didn’t get the total darkness that those in the path of totality did but there was a gray, diffused light covering everything. And it was eerily calm and quiet, there wasn’t a sound to be heard. The whole experience was eerily serene and awe-inspiring. I wish it could’ve lasted longer than 2 minutes but then it wouldn’t have been as magical.

Eclipse sunset

This is a pic of the sunset effect caused by the eclipse. Pictures just don’t do it justice. It was such an amazing view.

I  hope everyone was able to view the eclipse today, whether you got to experience the total eclipse or a 60% eclipse. It’s one of the rare times when our whole nation was able to experience something together, something positive, and that’s pretty cool.

If you missed the eclipse or if you weren’t able to make it to the path of totality but really wanted to, don’t worry! You have another chance in just 7 years! That eclipse will come from Mexico, move across Texas and then diagonally across the country towards the northeast. So keep those eclipse glasses handy!

Until next time!



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