Life on the farm: Some days it’s sunshine & butterflies, other days you slip and fall in a mud puddle…

Eh, at least it wasn’t a big muddy, poo puddle! That happens sometimes too. ๐Ÿ™‚

After I fell in the puddle I decided it was going to be a work inside day, I’d finished all of my morning chores and it’s been raining on and off all morning. Besides, I’ve got plenty of things to catch up on. So here I am, freshly showered (I was really covered in mud, it was even in my hair) and ready to get to work.ย  Continue reading

Plant the Seeds and Watch Them Grow

Yesterday was a busy day of planting! What’s the point of living in the country if you aren’t going to have lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies? A few months ago I’d ordered some Patriot Blueberry bushes and grape vines (two Somersets and two Concords) and they FINALLY came this week. They’re small, bare-rooted plants right now but they should take off quickly. I planted the blueberry bushes along the west side of the potting shed, they’ll get good sunlight there. I was planning on putting in a flowerbed along that wall so I’ll add some ornamental plants around the blueberries. Continue reading

We’re Building an Ark and Loading the Animals Two by Two…

It’s been a rainy weekend in mid-Missouri, boy oh boy has it ever. We have a rain gauge on the farm and we’ve recorded approximately 6 1/2 inches from Friday to this morning. That’s a lot of rain but we’re actually lucky because areas to the south of us had more than 10 inches of rain dumped on them, 10 inches of rain in less than 2 days! We’ve had a very wet few weeks and the ground is already saturated so all of this rain has resulted in major flooding. Seriously guys, it’s legitimately historic flooding (which actually seems to happen every year or two but the numbers don’t lie!).ย  Continue reading