Hi all! My name is Deanna. I’m “mom” to six 4-legged kiddos (four dogs, two cats), I’m a practical conservationist, an avid DIY-er, a shoe lover, and I have a passion for creating things. What is DaisyDoo Homestead? It’s my little corner of my family’s farm. I’m building DaisyDoo Homestead to live a simpler, self-sufficient, sustainable, debt-free life (anymore adjectives I can throw in there? 🙂 ). After graduating college, I worked in the healthcare industry for a few years and then in banking for nearly 14 years. In the Fall of 2016, after 17 years of being “stuck” in an office, I decided to make a change.  After some careful planning I sold my house, quit my job, and moved back to the family farm! Now I spend my days building my homestead, helping my Dad run the farm, and taking care of my elderly grandparents.

Why did I start a blog? To share stories about my new adventure with family and friends and to, hopefully, inspire others to follow their dreams and not feel trapped by the “rat race”. Or, at the very least, give a little insight into what farm life is like.

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