Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

For the last month or so one of our ducks (Millie) has been sitting a nest in our barn. I’ve been watching her every day. Then one day last week I saw little yellow, downy fuzz sticking out from under her and could hear the faintest little chirping. The eggs had hatched! I knew she would stay on her nest for at least a day to let the ducklings gain strength before their big journey to the pond. I kept a close watch until I saw her making the first moves to leave the nest. Since we have barn cats that might think baby duck would be a yummy treat, I stayed close by until all our web-footed friends made it safely out. I snapped some pictures of their journey, I hope you enjoy them!


Leaving the safety of their nest for the first time! I couldn’t believe when they all came out and I counted 14 of them. 14!



Once they crossed the gravel road, they came to the grass and started walking single file. So cute!


Every so often, Millie (mama duck) would stop and let all the babies catch up before moving on.


After a long journey across the barnyard and through a small section of woods, the new family made it to the pond. The other ducks all came together to greet them.


Millie was very happy to be back in the water.


Very, very happy to be back in the water.


And now they settle into life on the pond.

I hope everyone has a great week!



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