Flashback Friday: Building the Shed, Week 4

It’s another Flashback Friday and we’re gonna put siding on the shed!

When I was making the plans for the shed and choosing materials, I looked at a few different options for siding. I knew I wanted wood siding but that didn’t narrow it down much. I liked the look of lap siding and also cedar shingle siding but, to keep costs down, I went with pine plywood siding with 4″ grooves. The plywood siding comes with 4″, 8″, or 12″ grooves but I chose the 4″ grooves because I thought it would look the best on a small building like the shed. I priced a few different stores and Menards was the best deal. Not only was the plywood siding the most cost effective option, it was also really easy to install.

Here are some pics:


Here’s the first piece of siding we put up. I chose the pine plywood with 4″ grooves and chose to install the panels with the groves running vertically.

Once we had the first piece of siding up it was time to put in a window!


Here’s the first window! We waited until we were putting up the siding to install it to minimize the risk of it being broken while we were working on other parts of the shed.

Once it was time to put up the second piece of siding we had to measure the position of the window and cut a corresponding hole in the siding. There’s some margin for error because the window trim will cover the area around the window but it’s important to measure closely and cut the whole as precisely as possible.


We have one side of the shed sided! Look how good that window looks!

Once we had one wall of the shed sided, Dad continued hanging siding on the other walls and I started painting the siding. l knew I wanted to paint the shed white but instead of going with an exterior paint I chose a solid color stain. It gives the coverage of paint but allows the texture of the raw wood to show through. I love the way it turned out and am really happy with the choice.


Here’s the first coat of stain, I love the way it turned out.

The raw wood soaked up a lot of the stain on the first couple coats, it took three coats to have full coverage.


Here’s a closeup picture of the siding with the stain. I love how the stain shows the texture of the wood.


Here’s a picture of the fully sided and stained shed! I know the white with white trim isn’t for everyone but I love a clean look so the little details can pop.

And that’s how we sided the shed! Next time I’ll show you how we made the door my Dad designed (notice the sheet of plywood we’re using as a makeshift door in the picture above).

Happy Friday!




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