It’s Calf Selling Time!

Today was calf selling day! Well, technically the sale is tomorrow but we took them to the sale barn today. It was a busy and exhausting day! For the last month or so we’ve been feeding the weaned calves in the corral to get them used to going in there. Today was the day we closed the gate on them! It was the big day for the heifers, two loads of them! We had to sort off the bull calves because they aren’t ready to ship yet, they won’t be bulls when they go to the sale barn. 😉 

Once we had all the calves in the corral we sorted them off one by one; bulls got let out a side gate once they were in the chute and the heifers were run straight down the chute onto the livestock trailer.


A load of heifers ready to go to the sale barn!

The sale barn is about 30 miles from our farm, once we got there the calves were offloaded into a large barn that is divided up into smaller pens. Both of our loads of calves were put in the same pen and will spend the night there. Tomorrow is sale day, the weather is supposed to be good and that usually brings the buyers out.

Sale Barn

At the sale barn offloading the first group.

We could direct market our calves but the extra work that we would put into finding buyers wouldn’t necessarily equal more money. My Dad has always taken them to the sale barn and it’s the quickest way to sell our calves.

On another note, some of the eggs in our incubator have hatched! We have baby turkeys and ducks! The ducks have just started hatching today and they aren’t quite photo-ready but I have a picture of the turkeys.


Look at the fuzzy little turkeys, they’re so cute!

The turkeys spend their first couple weeks in a brooder box since they’re so vulnerable to everything. They need a very warm environment so there’s a heat lamp that sits on top of the brooder lid. These little guys are about a week old and are growing quickly! I’ll post a picture of the ducks as soon as they have their feet under them.

Until next time!



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