If April Showers Bring May Flowers, What do May Showers Bring?

Hello all! We did indeed get more rain this week, it is soggy ’round here! On Wednesday we got over 3 inches (not quite 3 1/4 inches) bringing our grand total to nearly 10 inches of rain in 6 days. And, still, we’re lucky. A little further south of us they got over 15 inches of rain in that same time period.

But now we’ve had two sunny days in a row! The rivers are receding, the highways are reopening, and those that had flood damage are cleaning up and repairing. On the farm all of our buildings are on high ground or so far from waterways that it’s highly unlikely that they’ll flood. But we still have to watch for fence damage, we have fences along the river on the east side of the farm and also along two small creeks that run through the farm. Having cattle swept away by a flash flood is also a concern. We have some new calves in our larger herd and it would be very easy for one of them to be taken in a flood.

I walked part of the farm yesterday and here are some pics that I snapped:


Here’s the small river that’s on the east side of the farm. It doesn’t look all that impressive unless I tell you that most of the year it’s just a trickle of water. You can tell by the debris and the way the grass is laid over that the water was probably about two feet higher during the heaviest rain.


This is a temporary low water crossing that Dad and I made last summer to get up to DaisyDoo Homestead (we’ll build something more substantial once we build the permanent road). Probably 90% of the year this little creek bed is dry but you can tell by the debris that it was probably about 15 or 20 feet wide at one point during the storm. This creek flows into the little river about a half mile from where I took this pic.


Dad and I built this little bridge over the winter (I’ll show you the construction after I wrap up the shed posts). Normally this is a dry ditch but when it rains it turns into a babbling brook.


I love this picture! This is the creek, it just looks so pretty.

And last but not least:


I couldn’t end without posting a picture of the cows. They started following me around while I was walking the farm. The weird weather has them stirred up and they’ve been a little needy. They’ve certainly enjoyed the sunshine and dryer weather the last couple days!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!



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