Brrrr, Baby It’s Cold Outside

Winter is back! Hopefully for its final “hurrah!”, I’ve lost my cold weather tolerance. The last couple days have been cold and drizzly with occasional flurries, perfect weather for staying in. Which is what I’ve done and it’s been wonderful! Of course we have to do all of the chores (feeding and watering everyone, milking the goats, collecting eggs, and watering all the plants in the greenhouse) but once all of that is done we’ve been taking it easy. My dad is feeling under the weather and, not to sound like a wuss, but I still haven’t adjusted to the time change. I keep subtracting an hour, so at 10 at night I’ll say “Oh, I can stay up a little later. It’s really only 9.”, then I end up staying up way too late. My alarm goes off at 6 in the morning and I think “Oh, I don’t have to get up yet. It’s really only 5.”. That’ll go on for the next week or so until I get used to the “new” time. Surely, I’m not the only one that does that…. right?

I had an exciting delivery today. A few months ago I ordered some trees from the Missouri Conservation Department: 100 Shortleaf Pine, 25 Hawthorn, 25 Wild Plum, and 25 Persimmon. Yep, that’s 175 trees and they were delivered today! It’s too cold to do anything with them today (we never got above freezing, ugh) so they’re tucked into the greenhouse for safekeeping until it warms up later this week.


Here are the trees! There are 175 of them packed in these two bags, you can seen the little pines peeking out of the bag on the left.

I can’t wait to get these little trees in the ground!

For now though, I have Netflix to watch, hot tea to drink, and some knitting to do (apparently I also aged a few decades over the weekend despite “losing” an hour lol).

Before I go though, here’s a pic I snapped today:


One of the new calves found the mineral block today, she was licking on it but got suspicious of me when I walked over to snap the pic. This little girl is less than two weeks old and she’s eating hay, drinking out of the stock tank (which she can barely reach), and licking the mineral block. I love watching these little guys figure things out.



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