Flashback Friday: Building the Shed, Week 1

Over a three day period in September 2015, my Dad and Uncle poured the foundation for my shed! I helped with what I could but I can’t take credit for doing too much. 🙂

It may seem really backwards to start my homestead by building a potting shed first. The reason we chose to do it that way was so I could use the shed as storage until the house is complete, which could be a couple years (I’m not financing the construction, I’m paying out of pocket as we go and we’re doing all of the work ourselves).

The first thing we did was plot where the house would be (I already had my house plans picked out), once we established the footprint of the house I chose the spot for the shed and we lined it up with the house.

After that it was time to start building the forms for the concrete. Around the farm, we try to use what we already have so we gathered up all of the scrap boards that Dad had around and that’s what we used to build the forms.


To keep costs down, we used boards that we already had around the farm to build the concrete forms.

After the forms were built it was time to dig out the footers and get a good gravel base set in place. The hill has a pretty steep slope where we built the shed so we had to back fill with a lot of gravel and concrete blocks.


The forms are set and we have a good base to pour the foundation on, Dad is digging out for the footers.

Then it was time to pour the concrete! At that time we didn’t have a road up to the house site, we were still clearing a lot of brush and trees. To get up there we had to drive across a creek branch and through a hay field, so there was no getting a concrete truck up there! I had been watching the ads for the big home improvement stores and buying building materials when I saw them go on sale (even if I didn’t need them right then, we just stored what we weren’t ready to use). I had bought 175 bags of concrete mix (80 lb bags) at a ridiculously reduced price about 4 months before we built the shed. We used approximately 140 of the bags to pour the foundation.

You may be wondering, since we didn’t have a road yet, did we have electricity or water? And the answer would be no, we didn’t. We used a portable generator to run the concrete mixer and we have a 250 gallon water tank that we used to transport the water up there. It was quite a project and we’re pretty proud of ourselves to have pulled it off. 🙂

After A LOT of hard work on a very hot September day the concrete was poured and ready to set.


The finished foundation, time to let the concrete set!

Next Friday I’ll show you more of the shed construction.

Happy Friday!



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