Baby Calves and More

I’m going to start off by posting a couple pictures I meant to post yesterday. I totally fell asleep watching TV last night and woke up at a very unreasonable hour and decided it just wasn’t worth getting my laptop out. So, here it is:

This little nugget was born right in front of me yesterday morning when I was feeding my horse, Zip, and filling the cattle stock tanks.

WP_20170308_10_06_14_Pro (2)

The pic isn’t the greatest, I didn’t want to spook the mama & baby. This little guy is literally just 5 seconds old!

WP_20170308_15_38_00_Pro (2)

Here’s another pic of the new baby, this one is from yesterday evening. He’s probably about 7 or 8 hours old and he’s figuring out how those legs work. The calf in the background on the left is the little girl that was born last week.

I love watching the calves as they grow, they’re just so cute. I make up nicknames for some of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ We have two herds of cattle and the smaller herd has four calves that were born within a month of each other last Fall. The four calves used to all hang out together, we’d see them tearing across the field kicking their legs as they ran. Just so cute! One calf is solid black, one is chocolate brown, and two are reddish-brown with black faces. One day I saw the black calf kick the chocolate brown calf, he kicked him right in the head! Well the black calf just kept acting ornery, picking on the other calves and just being a troublemaker so the other three calves stopped hanging out with him lol. He hangs out with the older calves in the herd now, it cracks me up. There will always be a bully in the group, it’s just the natural order of things.

WP_20170308_15_52_06_Pro (2)

Here’s the ornery black calf, he just looks ornery!

Well, that’s all the going ons of the farm. I have an early day tomorrow so no falling asleep in front of the TV tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚



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