Spring is bloomin’!

Spring has sprung on the farm! We started seeing signs of an early Spring nearly a month ago: lots of geese flying north, daffodil and iris peeking through the ground, trees budding out, the Spring peepers peeping, and red robins bob bob bobbin’ along.

Now, Spring is in full swing! All those daffodil are in full bloom, the hawthorne and peach trees are blooming, the pastures are green, and those Spring thunderstorms have been rolling through with a vengeance. Everything is about three weeks early but I’m not complainin’, I’m not a big fan of Winter.


Daffodils at the farmhouse.

Dad and I worked on cleaning up some of the raised garden beds today, it’ll be time to start some of the Spring planting soon. We’ll be enjoying fresh from the garden veggies before we know it!

WP_20170307_16_59_54_Pro (2)

The raised garden beds my Dad built for my Mom, all ready for Spring planting.


The asparagus has started to come up!

Dad and I spent the afternoon cleaning out the greenhouse, getting it ready for all the seed trays we’ll be filling soon. We filled the greenhouse with plants last Fall, some things didn’t make it through the Winter but most of the flowers we put in there survived. We had a lot of tomato plants in there and, for some reason, none of them made it. We could tell some of them froze so, despite the fact that there’s a heater in the greenhouse, there’s some way that a draft is getting in there. We had a few days in January when the temps got below zero at night and the daytime temps were in the teens and single digits, it’s possible we didn’t have the heater turned up high enough on those days. Every year is a learning experience, we’ll take this year’s experience and do better next year.


The greenhouse is cleaned out and organized, ready for the Spring seedlings!


I have a three year old hibiscus that is still going strong, it thrived in the greenhouse this winter. I normally kept it in my garage at my old house during the winter and it would go dormant, then take forever to leaf out in the Spring. I was lucky to have blooms on it by August. This year, since it was in the greenhouse, it didn’t go dormant and it is blooming like crazy!

It was such a beautiful day to spend working in the garden and greenhouse. When I worked full-time at the bank, these are the kind of activities that would be squeezed into the little time I had in the evenings or maybe a weekend (if I was lucky enough to have a free weekend). I never had garden prep done this early! That’s probably why my garden never did that well lol. 🙂

Yesterday, Dad and I worked up at Daisydoo Homestead. We’re in the very beginning stages of construction, here’s a pic:


Daisydoo Homestead, it’s not much yet but it’s my little patch of dirt and I’ve got big plans for it.

The little white building in the background is the potting shed we built last year. I wrote about building it on the original Daisydoo Homestead blog that I started a year ago as a private Facebook page. I’ll start pulling some of those posts over and tell you guys about all the going ons at Daisydoo Homestead!



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