We’re Remodeling!

Hello all! Remember Larry the goat? Well, Larry has been in a temporary stall in my parents barn for the last few weeks (he was too small to put in with the bigger goats). But that’s about to change! My dad has been building some permanent stalls in their barn and one will be just for Larry. πŸ™‚

My parents had a large barn built five years ago or so, it’s approximately 60 ft long by 40 ft wide with a 14 ft lean-to on the side. The lean-to was one long open space (the support posts were spaced every 12 feet) that they used to store equipment in. When they got their goats last year my dad built a temporary stall using Priefert panels. His plan was to divide the lean-to into permanent stalls eventually, it can make up to five 12 ft by 14 ft stalls. Well… “eventually” has come! The barn is getting a little remodeling! My dad has been building permanent stalls for Larry and the other goats. I also have another horse coming soon (yay!) so he’ll be in one stall. Right now my dad is making three of the 12ft sections into stalls and he’ll still use the rest of the space to store equipment, at some point he’ll probably build stalls in the last two sections also.


Here’s a look at the new stalls. The closest one on the right will be for my new horse. The goats are in there right now until their permanent stall is completed.


This is a view from the other side, the last two stalls are still under construction. We used the Priefert panels to expand the outdoor area the goats will have access to once their new stalls are completed. The middle stall will be divided into two smaller stalls so we’ll actually have a total of four: two that are 12ft by 14ft and two that are 12ft by 7ft.

We’re hoping to have this completed by the end of the week so the goats can be in their new homes and my new horse can be delivered next week. Yes, this is just another distraction from starting construction on my house lol. Oh well, we’ll get started on that one of these days (hopefully sooner rather than later!).

Well guys, I still have morning chores to finish. I got started on them bright and early this morning but came in for a coffee break. There are still cows to water, a horse to feed, and ducks to check on. πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday!



p.s. You may recognize the barn from the cover pic on the main page of the DaisyDoo site. You can see side of the barn with the lean-to on the left side of the photo. πŸ™‚

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