It’s a heat wave, heat dome or whatever… it’s just freakin’ hot!

It’s hot folks. Really hot. The kind of summer heat that is usually reserved for August. I just got back in from doing morning chores (the earlier we start the better!) and at 8 AM it’s 80 degrees with a heat index of 85, ugh. We’ll likely top 100 today with a heat index well above that. It would be nice if we could kick back in the shade (or air conditioning) and sip on lemonade all day BUT the heat means more work. Watering the gardens and fruit trees, making sure all the critters have plenty of water and monitoring all of them to make sure they aren’t getting overheated takes most of the day.

The good news is that we finished up with the first cutting of hay, I’m trying not to think about the second cutting which will start in about 4 or 5 weeks. Having the first round of hay done frees up a lot of time and maybe, just maybe, Dad and I can start building my workshop/studio/guest house (still don’t know what to call it, it’s all of those things!). I’ve actually had a little time to work around my little homestead this week. Mother Nature has been trying to reclaim the area that we’ve cleared so I spent some time clearing some of the new growth and mowing my lawn. My yard is a favorite place for wild turkeys and deer to hangout, almost every time I go up there I run off a bunch of turkeys (not intentionally but they run when they see me). I’m less thrilled about the deer being there, they’re eating my grape plants and fruit trees. I’m still trying to find a happy medium with the deer. Once I’m living up there full-time (I’ve still been staying in my parents guest bedroom, yikes!) the deer probably won’t be around as much.

You may have seen on Instagram and Facebook that we got a baby goat named Larry. That name still cracks me up every time I say it. A baby goat named Larry lol. Anyway. Mom and Dad have three Nubian does but didn’t have a buck to breed them. It’s surprisingly hard to come by baby bucks. Mom had one lined up back in April, she was emailing the breeder on a regular basis and Mom thought it was a sure thing. Then all of a sudden the lady stopped returning Mom’s emails with no explanation. How annoying?! It was shortly after that happened that one of our neighbors bought some hay from us for her goats. She had a few does that were about to have their babies and she said she’d reserve one of her bucks for us. Larry was born in May and was ready to wean from his mama last week so we brought him home. Larry….. lol. Larry is half Alpine and half Saanen, Mom and Dad didn’t want to get a Nubian buck because they wanted some variety in their kids. They were also shying away from Lamancha so they were happy with Larry’s mix.


This is Larry! He’s just the cutest thing ever.

That’s about all that’s been going on, it’s been super busy around the farm but none of it has been exciting or particularly interesting (other than Larry :)). Raccoons are causing mischief, the baby chicks are still being cute, and the dogs are still chasing ducks.

I’m off to go deal with more of this heat, there’s never a shortage of work to be done around the farm.

Pro tip for dealing with excessive heat: drink lots of water, eat pickles, and (my personal favorite) drink pickle juice.

Stay cool if you’re caught under this heat dome with us! Two more days until the cool down!




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