All in a Day’s Work

Most days my Dad and I team up to do the farm chores together. Today my parents had to spend the entire day with my grandpa so that left me on my own to run the farm. Yikes! Things went pretty well… I managed to bang my head on the corner of a utility sink… hard, like “do I have a concussion?” hard (I don’t, just a painful bruise). My parents’ dog, Bill,  got out of the yard for awhile and went for an unsupervised run through the woods, he got busted by my grandma lol. And then there was the moment I sliced my finger with a utility knife. Ouch! And while most of the chores are easily handled by one person (it just takes a bit longer and, apparently, there’s a greater chance that I’ll hurt myself lol), the one thing I’m not quite as good at as my Dad is milking the goat. I learned to milk goats (and cows) when I was younger and, while I still know how to do it, it requires a certain finesse that only comes with doing the task daily. And I certainly haven’t attained that level of finesse, at least not yet!

On the rare occasion that I do have to milk, we call it “throw away” milk because it goes to the cats lol. Trust me, no one would want to drink it. Leeba, our main milk goat, didn’t have much patience for me today. She gave more milk than she normally does (of course!) so it took longer to milk her. Meanwhile, she ate all of her feed before I finished… she started kicking and stomping to let me know. It was a rough ride. What wasn’t spilled on the milk stand (or accidentally squirted up my coat sleeve lol) was full of hay bits and goat poo. Luckily, the cats didn’t mind. 🙂

The farm and I survived the day. Everyone got fed and watered and I even had time to check out the new calf that was born a couple days ago.


Good night and cheers to all!


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